Grails + Axon = CQRS (part II)

 As promised in one of the previous posts, I carry on series concerning Groovy, Grails and Axon framework in this case.  In Part I a few words have been written about Grails, CQRS and Axon. In this part, the sample application using mentioned technologies and architecture is presented. he application is developed in Grails. CQRS architecture is implemented with Axon framework support. There are two simple use cases in the application: entering new credit card transaction canceling created credit card transaction

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Grails + Axon = CQRS (part I)

I continue series of posts regarding Groovy and Grails. In the previous post there were some starter information about Groovy programming language. In this one and the next one I would like to present sample application built with Grails and Axon which demonstrates a basic usage of CQRS architecture. Grails Grails is a rapid application development framework for the JVM. It is largely built on top of the Spring framework, and in particular, a lot of it is built on

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Groovy – Getting Started

As promised in the previous entry I am continuing series of Groovy posts. Starting from simple introduction we are moving to intermediate and advanced topics in the future posts. What is Groovy’s origin? Everything started in 2003 when James Strachan (official Groovy creator) wrote to Bob McWhirter: Wouldn’t it be “groovy” if we could have native syntax for lists, maps and regexs in Java like in most scripting languages? Wouldn’t it by “groovy” if we could have duck typing in

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Groovy – first time in Tiobe TOP 20

Idea about writing something about Groovy programming language came to my mind when I looked at Tiobe Programming Community Index for October 2013. Here is the index:   Firstly, I would like to write a few words summarizing how the index is produced. Tiobe takes into consideration programming languages fulfilling the following two criteria: language should have an own wikipedia page clearly saying that it concerns a programming language the programming language must be Turing complete The rating itself is

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