Groovy – first time in Tiobe TOP 20

Idea about writing something about Groovy programming language came to my mind when I looked at Tiobe Programming Community Index for October 2013.

Here is the index:



Firstly, I would like to write a few words summarizing how the index is produced.
Tiobe takes into consideration programming languages fulfilling the following two criteria:

  • language should have an own wikipedia page clearly saying that it concerns a programming language
  • the programming language must be Turing complete

The rating itself is calculated by counting hits of the most popular search engines containing for example Google, Youtube, Baidu, Wikipedia, Amazon, Blogger, etc.

As you can see Groovy is at 18th position. It entered the TOP 20 for the first time. Moreover, if you look at its position on October 2012, the change is really impressing. Let’s hope that Groovy will hold its upward trend for the next few months.

More posts concerning Groovy are on their way…