Java enums + template method design pattern

Let’s consider the following code snippets: [crayon-60fb71b79ba86776069472/]   [crayon-60fb71b79ba8c430022561/] How often do we see much the same scenario? It is not completely wrong since there is a try to use enums so it is not entirely “string driven” programming. However there is still a space to do some refactoring. What about doing such stuff more in the object-oriented way? Enums are very powerful Java feature but for most of the cases there are only used in the simplest possible way.

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Java application performance monitoring

I am going to present quick overview of useful tools which can be helpful when you trying to troubleshoot application in case of performance issues. Describing each tool, some overview is provided, the way the tool is installed, free/paid info, inclusion in the JDK and the information if it can be used in production environment. logs application logs, application server logs, database logs no installation free included with JDK can be used in production application server monitoring administration console provided

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