Scala function error “Type mismatch” in Intellij Idea vs Scala Eclipse

Using Scala we can define a function in a form when name and parameters are specified followed by the definition of the function body. For example: [crayon-60fb638ea2aa3690119811/] As you can see, curly braces are not mandatory when all those elements are put in one line. When you put that code in Scala worksheet both in Intellij Idea and Scala Eclipse (Scala Eclipse IDE) everything is all right. Code compiles and runs. The previous example was very simple. However, functions are

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Greg Young in Lublin

The big event for Lublin’s IT community is approaching. Greg Young has already come to the town. He is giving a talk regarding CQRS and Event Sourcing on Monday 22.03.Besides his vast technical knowledge, he is a brilliant speaker who can really infect people around with his passion.I am sure that there is no need to introduce that guy to anyone but maybe it would be worth mentioning some web resources regarding his activities: Greg Young blog  His stuff on

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ActiveMQ-CPP bug

I was faced with strange bug in ActiveMQ-CPP library recently. I just wanted to make sure that message broker (ActiveMQ) redelivers not acknowledged messages to the consumer applying some delay. For example 10 seconds. Let’s say that consumer processes message and some error occurs like there is no connectivity to the external system where processed message is stored. I do not want the message to be lost but rather returned to the broker and redelivered after some time. Quick look

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