Grails + Axon = CQRS (part II)

 As promised in one of the previous posts, I carry on series concerning Groovy, Grails and Axon framework in this case.  In Part I a few words have been written about Grails, CQRS and Axon. In this part, the sample application using mentioned technologies and architecture is presented. he application is developed in Grails. CQRS architecture is implemented with Axon framework support. There are two simple use cases in the application: entering new credit card transaction canceling created credit card transaction

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Greg Young in Lublin

The big event for Lublin’s IT community is approaching. Greg Young has already come to the town. He is giving a talk regarding CQRS and Event Sourcing on Monday 22.03.Besides his vast technical knowledge, he is a brilliant speaker who can really infect people around with his passion.I am sure that there is no need to introduce that guy to anyone but maybe it would be worth mentioning some web resources regarding his activities: Greg Young blog  His stuff on

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