AWS, SQS, Alpakka, Akka Streams – go reactive – Part 1

I am going to write a series of a few posts about the transition from the basic AWS ElasticBeanstalk SQS integration to the more generic, reactive model. Transition means that we have a current state that we want to change. So let’s start with the basic AWS SQS integration. Amazon SQS is a HTTP-based managed service responsible for handling message queues. It offers two kinds of queues: standard queues (maximum throughput, at-least-once delivery) and FIFO queues (preserving messages order, exactly-once delivery). Just for

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Scala – tagged types

Data types in a programming language are the description or classification of the data that instructs the compiler how to treat the data. Of course, they are not only for the compiler or interpreter but also for us, the developers, as they help us understand the code big time. This is a valid definition of the data which type is Map[String, String]: [crayon-60fb654f0feb8558180745/] This is the valid definition for our domain because both, booking and payment ids have the type String. Also

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