How to make your Maven build fast again

When the project starts we do not think about the certain things like dependency hell, modularisation or time needed to build the project. It is quite normal, the codebase is pretty small, there are not that many dependencies, etc. However when the time is passing, the time spend on building the application starts to be noticeable. It is high time to think how to cut down on the build time. Here you can find a few tips which could help

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Java application performance monitoring

I am going to present quick overview of useful tools which can be helpful when you trying to troubleshoot application in case of performance issues. Describing each tool, some overview is provided, the way the tool is installed, free/paid info, inclusion in the JDK and the information if it can be used in production environment. logs application logs, application server logs, database logs no installation free included with JDK can be used in production application server monitoring administration console provided

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