Smart Pointers (C++)

Smart pointers are very useful feature of modern C++ programming model. They are defined in the std namespace in the <memory> header file. Let’s see the raw and smart pointer in action: [crayon-6145ff2141d3f177809978/] As we can see there is a clear advantage of using smart pointers instead of the raw ones. The standard library provide three smart pointer types which should be replacement for raw pointers as long as new code is developed: unique_ptr allows one and only one owner

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Visual C++ DataGridView – data binding

DataGridView is a control introduced in .NET Framework version 2.0. displaying data in customizable grid.  The control can be used in any application developed on .NET Framework using any language (C++, C#, VB) based on CLR (Common Language Runtime). The control can be customized through manipulating of DataGridView class properties. Some of them are: DefaultCellStyle, CellBorderStyle, GridColor, just to name a few. That is the short introduction do DataGridView Control. However, what I would like to concentrate in this post is

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ActiveMQ-CPP bug

I was faced with strange bug in ActiveMQ-CPP library recently. I just wanted to make sure that message broker (ActiveMQ) redelivers not acknowledged messages to the consumer applying some delay. For example 10 seconds. Let’s say that consumer processes message and some error occurs like there is no connectivity to the external system where processed message is stored. I do not want the message to be lost but rather returned to the broker and redelivered after some time. Quick look

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