After the 33rd Degree 2014 – main tools/techniques to trial or adopt

Every conference I have attended so far left me with new ideas and motivation to do things better on daily basis. This year 33rd Degree has given me the same boost as the previous ones. This blog post is a quick overview of tools/techniques I am going to investigate deeper after the conference and try to introduce at least some of them at my daily work. Project Lombok boilerplate code generator some features: @NonNull annotation – generates null check for

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Measure and find bottlenecks before they affect your users 1/2

Inspired by a few talks during the last 33rd Degree conference I decided to implement, in one of the applications I develop, metrics which allow developers or operation team monitor running application and possibly detect potential problems early on. After a quick investigation I decided to use the Metrics framework. What I expected was exposing at least some statistics concerning usage of application components. First of all I would use them during application stress tests to find particular components slowing down the application. After

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Manage Node.js dependencies properly

Author of every piece of software bigger than simple “Hello World” sooner or later will face problem with dependency management. In this post I would like to consider that problem and possible solutions in regard to Node.js applications. In Node.js world managing dependencies with npm is exceptionally simple, however there are some caveats which everyone should be aware of. Have a look at example package.json file: [crayon-60fb74c2d71ce921948447/] Every package has a version number which comply with what is described as semantic

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