Jira – issue not visible on the agile board

JIRA agile, formerly known as GreenHopper (GreenHopper->JIRA Agile) has lots of nice features supporting agile planning during software development. This post involves th problem I have met using that feature.

During my everyday duties concerning Jira from time to time I come across the following concern. When adding issue to the Jira it does not appear on the agile board. Specifically on the board describing sprint backlog or product backlog.
It must be say that each agile board has corresponding filter which defines issues that are showed on the board. Obviously, I have always made sure that that problematic issue falls into the borders defined by the filter. What is more its status has been properly mapped in the configuration of the board. However, the issue still has not appeared on the board.
What turns out after deep investigation is that the questionable issues are those which are created, opened and resolved and after that tried to being add to the proper agile board. In such scenario they do not appear on the board at all.

The proper steps should be as follows:

  • create issue
  • open issue
  • add issue to the board
  • optional statuses (in progress, etc.)
  • resolve issue

So the general rule is that issues should be added to sprint before they began.

In order to fix issues which has been already resolved, they need to be reopened, then added to the agile board and once again resolved.

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